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NLP Speakers Training

In a life-changing 18 DAYS, become a world-class speaker, learn how to captivate and convert any audience, and get the tools and detailed roadmap of how to craft a spellbinding presentation. Whether you are a professional or aspiring speaker, an entrepreneur or a leader in your business, at NLP Trainer's Training, you will learn the best and most effective way to nail down your message while utilizing the tools, technology and techniques of advanced NLP. Through the personalized and customized training, you will amplify the power of your presence to impact your audience through effective communication and sales from stage. No matter the presentation - business, workshops, keynotes, pitches, webinars, or even livestreams, you WILL have the tools to convert your audience into paying customers!

BONUS: 3-Day Hypnosis Certification


Get Total Integration Between Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind

Learn Modern Hypnosis and how to use it daily for better sleep, sex, health and mental performance. How long are you going to hold on to stress and produce average results? Take your coaching practice to a new level using hypnosis. Discover the power of self-hypnosis. Uncover your motivation, inspiration, and focus and have your own subconscious breakthroughs.  Eliminate bad habits and addictions like over-eating or smoking.  Learn how to fall asleep FAST!  And learn the secret to integrating your conscious and unconscious mind!
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Trainer's Training Includes:

  • NLP Trainer Support Disk - Slides & Manuals for NLP Practitioner Level Certification, Workshop or Group Coaching Program
  • Trainers Training Advanced - Online Training
    • Quantum Time Techniques - Enables to Certify Practitioner Level - Includes Slides & Manuals
    • Hypnosis - Enables to Certify Ericksonian & Krasner - Includes Slides & Manuals
    • NLP Life Coach Model - Enables to Certify Practitioner Level - Includes Slides & Manuals
  • Sales Call Mentorship Program 4 Hours - Break-through Fear of Sales for Good!
  • Advanced Accountability & Business Follow Up
  • Access to In-House Coach for monthly support
  • Monthly Group Coaching & Monthly Master Classes
  • Whatsapp Support with In-House Master Coach
  • Ho’oponopono Meditation
  • Access to past training audios from Practitioner, Master Pract, inside the Membership portal
  • Trainer’s Training Audios & Video Modules
  • Practitioner Students can Join the IBNLP and Certify w/Board
  • 1st year IBNLP Board dues covered


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