Applying NLP to Business 3-Day Training PP

Speak Your Clients Language, Close With Confidence,  Set Goals And Get Results

Your success is determined by your ability to sell your ideas, your value and your products.

Register for the 3-Day Business training, now, and see how unlocking the power of your unconscious mind can catapult your ability to take inspired action and create massive results in your business.

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If you work with people, then you need The Yager Training Method

NLP is the foundational way to understand how your thoughts and beliefs directly influence your behavior and your results while giving you the tools to change them.

This training is for you if:

  • You’re afraid to charge what you're worth in the current economy.
  • You’re afraid “following up” and “bothering people” are synonymous.
  • You’re missing opportunities because you’re not boldly leaning into your offers, products, and the value they provide.
  • Your sales are inconsistent and unpredictable leaving you worried about where your next influx of cash is going to come from.
  • You’re afraid to pick up the phone and address objections.
  • You’re wasting time on the not-so-important tasks that keep you busy but make you no money.

If you see yourself in any of these bullet points, hear this: You’re not alone AND it doesn’t have to be this hard. Your past programming is betraying you. You’re lying to yourself unconsciously.

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