NLP Practitioner 4.0

A week long training that will leave you with 4 certifications in NLP,

NLP Life Coaching, Quantum Transformation Technique, and Hypnosis

June 12-18th, 2021

Be the Authority

Life Changing Results

Monetize your gifts

Build a High Paying Coaching Business that Transforms Lives Using our NLP Method

In a sea of coaches, our NLP certification helps you stand out in a crowd of untrained and inexperienced coaches.

NLP is the most effective tool to increase your performance, monetize your gift, get clarity on your value proposition to the world, and create unparalleled results for your clients.

Why NLP? Good question.

NLP is a game-changer in your work with clients because it teaches you how to go beyond the conscious tools you’ve been taught and leverage the power of the unconscious mind.

95% of our behavior is unconscious. Trying to change behavior without an awareness of how the unconscious mind works simply isn’t effective, it leaves your clients without the results they paid for!


Navigate anything life (or your clients) throws at you.


Turn any challenge into a solution.


Help Clients Breakthrough Faster


Get results for yourself, so you can create un-matchable results for your clients.


Unlock the power of your client’s unconsscious mind to help them breakthrough beliefs keeping them playing small.

A week long training that you will leave with 4 certifications in NLP, NLP Life Coaching, Quantum Transformation, and Hypnosis.

June 12-18th 2021

We work with coaches, consultants, thought leaders and entrepreneurs

Some people take the practitioner course for their own development rather than with the intent of working with others. Our approach centers on the integration of skills so whether you’re implementing them in your personal life or with clients, you feel equally confident.

Stop spending money on watered-down personal growth and development training that doesn’t get you or your clients results. Start spending money on the right training–the ones that support your skillset and take you to the next level.


Help Clients Breakthrough Faster


Charge More for Your Value


Stand Out from the Competition


Create Time Freedom For Yourself


Guarantee Your Clients Results


Be the Go-To Expert in the Field

How to Become Certified

Book Your Training

Book your training and certification through our easy online order form today.

Onboarding + Study Material

You will get: Monthly Coaching Calls and Pre-Study Material prior to attending Live Training.

Attend the Training

Break-Out Sessions so you practice the tools we teach and become an Authority in NLP.

On going Support

On going Support with our In-House Master Coaches and group coaching to Ensure Your Growth.

What is included in our Certification Program:


Group coaching calls


Access to in-house Master Coaches


Be certified in 4 NLP certifications

NLP Certification
Learn traditional NLP Techniques, The NLP Basics, and more modern advanced techniques that have been practiced, applied and refined by the trainers and other experts in the field of NLP for over 45 years.
Quantum Transformation Certification

Quantum Transformation is the most advanced regression technology for letting go of blockages, negative emotions like fear that keep people rooted in their past trauma and events.  Time to let all of that go, using a content-free process, don’t talk about it, just let it go!  This method is quick and easy!

Hypnosis Certification
Hypnosis is one of the most profound methods to build confidence, accomplish goals, and tap into personal freedom, organization, strengthen immunity for vitality and health.  Learn self-hypnosis and hypnosis with others.
NLP Life Coaching Certification

Being a life coach is powerful, being a certified NLP Coach commands advanced knowledge in the field of human performance and is highly valued in the business community which means they earn more money for contract coaching services personally and professional corporate coaching.

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NLP Practitioner
Live Certification Training








Austin, TX

June 12th-June 18th 2021

Day 1-2Registration at 9:00am10:00am - 8:00pm
Day 3-6Extra Practice 10:00am1:00pm - 8:00pm
Day 7Graduation at 6:00pm10:00am - 7:00pm

7 day live Event

NLP Practitioner

$ 5,995

per person

Training Agenda

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Rapport Building Techniques
  • Advanced Language
  • Hierarchy of Ideas
  • Milton Model
  • Metaphor Language for Business & Coaching
  • Meta Model
  • Powerful Reframing Language
  • Submodalities & Techniques
  • Swish Pattern
  • Basic Anchoring
  • Eye Patterns
  • Strategy Sales Strategy & Coaching Strategy
  • Parts Integration
  • Quantum Transformation
  • Quantum Transformation
  • Phobia Model
  • Advanced Goal Setting Secret of The Law of Attraction (The steps of how it really works)
  • Erickson Hypnosis Techniques
  • Erickson Hypnosis
  • NLP Life Coaching Model
  • Modeling Coaching Process
  • Graduation

Have you considered becoming a coach?

Do feel fulfilled from coaching employees, friends, or family but don’t get paid?

This 7 Day Training to Transform your Psychology is for you. This will help you create the results in your life, business and relationships.

The training schedule is packed with new information and exercises designed in such a way so when you decide to be a coach you have structure, new tools,  most importantly a successful process to get your clients results and charge more for your services.

"I had a lot of insecurities. After this training I feel I can conquer anything"

-Marisol Espinosa

Certification Training Packages

NLP Practitioner

Certification Training
Regular Price

$ 5,995

per person


Regular tuition price for the training, includes all pre-study material, and 1 hour a month coaching calls from the time you enroll through the next training dates.

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