Yager Training Coaching Assistant Application

Please read and fill this out in its entirety so you can understand the roles and duties of being a coaching assistant for Yager Training, which will allow us to ensure that this is a mutual fit for all parties involved.


You are eligible to assist a Yager Training training when you have attended both the training you’d like to assist and the next level above (or you’re at least enrolled in the next level).

Coaching Assistants must be positive projections for the company- this includes staying up-to-date on payments and agreements, showing up and participating in respective coaching calls, and overall being a role model for the students and acting as an exemplary representative for the company.

First priority for consideration comes to those who are enrolled in the Master Trainer Program. Next are those who have completed or are enrolled in Trainer’s Training. There is a likelhood for extra spots or extra opportunities for support beyond those qualifications. Assistants must have Full Availability for the duration of the training. We also consider the time frame of who completed their application and interview call first. Once we are full on assistants for the training, we will close the application process and encourage you to apply for the next training. The window for applying typically closes 2 weeks before each training. You may have the opportunity to be placed on a waitlist as well.


One of our highest values in regards to coaching assistants is the mindset of “How can I operate in a way that facilitates the best intention of a successful training? How can I contribute and help in whatever way that is needed?”

For example, all coaching assistants will have duties in the training room to ensure the YT Staff can focus on the smooth operation of the training.

Assistants are needed to help maintain the integrity of the space, ensure supplies are stocked, etc. Sometimes we may ask for an errand to be run or a call to be made to a student running late. Behavioral flexibility and the willingness to help in whichever way necessary is absolutely integral to the entire process. If you’re only coming to learn the material again, or only attempting to come to benefit yourself, this will not be a good fit.

We need people willing to attend the training and also contribute to the goals of Yager Training in exchange for all that is received from this incredible opportunity.


This opportunity gives you invaluable experience you can apply to your own businesses and lives right away. Our coaching assistants find their skills increase immensely from assisting, and almost always increase their prosperity in their personal businesses. They also make invaluable connections and learn an immense amount.

Here are even more benefits from being selected into our program:

+You get to experience the full training again! This is an incredible value as each time you attend a training, the information is delivered even stronger to the unconscious mind. You’re essentially “stacking” all of these powerful tools and techniques. In the training you may be needed to participate as client in select exercises if there is an odd number of students.

+You get to practice your NLP tools in REAL time with daily feedback and access to HIGH LEVEL NLP Master Trainers and Trainers with questions you may have.

+You’ll be in a container of high-powered business owners while getting the chance to share your story with Yager training and what you do. Being a part of our team is a great projection for your excellence and we typically see our assistants receive more abundance during and after working with us.

+ You’ll get to experience an inside, behind-the-scenes view of how a 7 figure coaching and training business runs events for you to be able to model for yourself in the future. In addition you’ll witness how a variety of techniques including NLP, QTT, Hypnosis, Huna, and more work together to facilitate a successful event.

+Sales Apprenticeship: You will practice multiple times a day, every day, how to sell successfully. You’ll receive guidance and feedback from the trainers and YT staff so that you can improve your communication skills every day and take it with you to improve your business and life.

For an even energy exchange, we require the following:

+You have flexibility, arrive before check-in every day, and stay after the training for our brief team meetings. We require flexibility for days we may get out or need to come earlier or later. 

+Attendance of every day in full, while being fully emotionally and mentally present.

+You demonstrate complete professionalism with the attendees, an upbeat and energetic attitude, and focus on executing the goals and training procedures of Yager Training. We ask that you set the example for all attendees as well by following procedures the entire time, as well as helping us maintain those boundaries with attendees in a polite and respectful way.

+You dress professionally (especially the first and last days) while maintaining great grooming and hygiene.

+You attend the Required Group ZOOM Call and sign the Coaching Assistant agreement form before the due date to ensure all parties understand the expectations on both ends.

+You report to Head of Operations/In-House Trainer and Master Coach Summer Astrea for all communication regarding scheduling, expectations, operation questions, your assigned tasks, etc, before and during the training to ensure smooth running of all systems, and ensure Deb and Brandon are able to focus on what they need to to present successfully. For trainings with a Head Coaching Assistant, you will first direct questions and concerns to them during the training.

+Lastly we require timely responsiveness with communication. We also ask for you to have a growth mindset to be open for feedback and opportunities to stretch yourself.

Overall, we’re excited for your interest in this incredible opportunity!

After subbmitting the form, setup your interview with Summer Astrea on the following page.

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for your submission! Our Head of Event Operations will contact you to discuss your application further.

Please keep in mind all invitations to be coaching assistants are contingent upon remaining in good standing with Yager Training. We reserve the right to dissolve the invitation at any time leading up or during the training should the standing change.

We look forward to speaking to you and thank you for your interest!